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Personal Updates

Junior Studio

2016: New Year

My current project is a portable bakers kit that allows its user to transport baking supplies and utensils for the on-the-go baking. The design incorporates shelving units and other various features that allow for a new, fun experience in baking. I will post the final product in my portfolio as soon as it is complete. In the mean time, take a look at few in-process photos below!
    Looking forward to a new year! I'm hoping to delve into Solidworks and sketching more this year to improve myself as a designer. Full model renders and high definition ideation pages will be posted throughout the year as I progress!

Summer 2015

    Having a love for mountain biking and phtography, a couple of friends and I took a trip to enjoy, what was my first time, biking at an official bike park called Windham Resort. Located in the Catskill Mountains in Lower New York, the bike park featured jump trails, technical downhill style runs, and a UCI Mountain Bike Course. The UCI course being featured in this years Mountain Bike cup.
     Being able to do both of my hobbies was a great experience for me. I took a few spills and got back up each time, finding more adrenaline rushing fun as I rode with my friends. Learning and doing what I love most. I was also granted access to the trails for photography and I managed to take a few note worthy shots, one of which is featured during spring into fall seasons in Visit The Catskills website.

Spring 2015

    This past summer I took a trip to the Adirondack mountain ranges for a weekend stay. Visiting the towns of Saratoga and Keene, I got to expereince life in the backcountry of New York.
    During my stay in Keene I got the chance to climb Giant Mountain, one of the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondack range! The hike to the top was only 2 hours long and the descent was nearly half the time it took to get up.

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