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Various mediums of my work, including photography and industrial design projects. All photos and renderings are produced by me.

    My name is Collin Van Bork, full time industrial designer and adventurist. I spend my days either enjoying the outdoors biking, hiking, or taking photography and when I'm not on the trails I'm designing products to better the experiences of outdoor enthusiasts. 

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Recent Travels

ECCC Mtb Race Charlemont, MA October 2016

World Maker Faire New York, NY 
September 2016

Adirondack Loj, Algonquin Mtn Keene, NY  July 2016

Toy Design - Nerf Ammo Dump/Retrieval Kit 

Current Project:

I chose to design a soft good for a toy company, Hasbro, for their Nerf product line. My design is a drop leg holster that incorporates military M.O.L.L.E systems to attach pouches and other nerf items onto the user's thigh. The user can adjust the width and height of the drop leg based on individual size and can attach up to 3 pouches on each leg.

The drop leg holster gives kids ages 8+ the ability to learn orgnaizagtion, proper nerf gun safety, and allows them to store the mess of nerf darts that accumilate during play.

View more details about this product on my "Projects" page

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